An interactive pop up book

An illustrative introduction to the world of mirrors within eight chapters. (2nd semester project)

The cover holds a mirror in order to attract the viewers` attention.

Mirrors & Reflection: Introduction into the physical phenomenon where the angle of incidence equals the angle of reflection.

Mirrors as Gates: Passage into a different world.

Like Alice, the little figurine „steps“ through the mirror as the book opens.

Mirrors & Psyche: The famous story of Narciss and a scattered mirror.

Mirrors & Truth: Do mirrors really show reality? Anamorphoses show an distorted image as if it was straight.

Mirrors & Observer: Mirror, mirror upon the wall, Who is the fairest of all?

Mirrors as Prosthesis: The mere sight of Medusa would turn any onlooker into stone. Perseus used a mirrored shield to avoid looking directly at Medusa and thus was able to behead her.

Mirrors & Death: One of the seven deadly sins is vanity, which is often represented by mirrors.

Mirrors & Time: Only mirrors are able to show immediacy and eternity at once. Two opposing mirrors pop up to reflect eternally the sign for eternity (Ôł×).