Dropping a 2015 Coca-Cola PET Bottle (after Ai Wei Wei)

Alternative title: The gods must be crazy

In 1995 Ai Wei Wei dropped a Han Dynasty Urn. A year earlier he had already emblazoned an urn from that same period with the Coca-Cola logo. In 2012 the swiss art collector Uli Sigg continued Ai Wei Wei’s practise of appropriation and iconoclasm by dropping the famed Coca-Cola Urn in an almost identical stance to Ai’s Dropping a Han Dynasty Urn and thus created Fragments of History.

The concept of iconoclasm was always to destroy the old in order to contribute to the new (e.g. during the cultural revolution). Will future generations even be able to build their own world, when we are colonizing their future with the remnants of our civilisation?

Sidenote: Coca-Cola attacks the German returnable bottle system and plans to switch to disposable bottles only.

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